Wanna be metro?

Metro (uhm, i meant the design formerly known as metro) is something I really appreciate. The design is simple, concentrates on the essential and directly hits our visual perception capabilities. It got me, as I finally realized, that it doesn’t need a fancy hi-res photoshop guru bitmap to convince my brain that I will launch the camera app when clicking it. No, it’s just some plain old shapes that do the same to me. One could call this graphical KISS.

But compare for yourself:

If you like it or not, the suggestion of both images is the same – a video camera. At least for me…so, I would really like to hear your opinion´s on this! Do you prefer the detailed hi-res image or are you happier with a cleverly compound bunch of associative standard shapes.

Before I lose myself in this…let’s get back to the motiviation of this post 😉

If you like this “metro or whatever Redmond will finally call it” style and want to integrate it into your own applications, you will be glad to hear, that syncfusion has released a sensational icon tool. Best of all, it’s free – free for whatever usage (as far as I understood the licensing terms – no warranty, read it on your own :-)). Go and get your copy of Syncfusion Metro Studio 2

Thanks to syncfusion for providing this great stuff to the community. I hope you enjoy it…

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