Projections on IEvaluable<T, R>

In my last post I was talking about a new type called IEvaluable<T, R>, saying it is an object-oriented equivalent of a Func<T, R> delegate. In this first post scratching at the implementation of the type and its operations, I thought, I’ll start with something that is familiar to everyone using LINQ. It is the […]

Introducing IEvaluable<T, R>

Last year, I was watching a recorded session from NDC2013. It was “Faking homoiconicity in C# with graphs” from Mark Seeman. I really liked his approach in refactoring a transaction script into some smaller testable pieces. Although his motivation was imho increasing testability, I decided to not stop there but try to bring something up that […]

Wanna be metro?

Metro (uhm, i meant the design formerly known as metro) is something I really appreciate. The design is simple, concentrates on the essential and directly hits our visual perception capabilities. It got me, as I finally realized, that it doesn’t need a fancy hi-res photoshop guru bitmap to convince my brain that I will launch […]

The “new” smell

Currently I am finishing reading the book Dependency Injection in .NET from Mark Seemann. The really good thing about this book is, that it assigns names to DI patterns as well as anti-patterns. My own reflection on the topics covered in the book brought up a simple (maybe provoking) thesis: Occurrences of the new operator […]

New way of PropertyChanged notification in .NET4.5

Since the release of Win8 Comsumer Preview and VS11 Beta I am playing around with this new stuff. Altough there are lots of improvements I am unhappy with the fact that there is no “compiler as a service” – yet. So I will patiently wait for the next version… Nevertheless, there are other cool features […]

.NET OpenSpace 2011 – Eindrücke

Vor ca. zwei Wochen war .NET Open Space in Leipzig, Germany. Ein Kollege und ich waren dort – das erste Mal. Da wir nicht recht wussten, was uns dort erwartet, haben wir uns am Anfang eher in Zurückhaltung geübt und das Geschehen beobachtet. Ich werde nicht erzählen, wie das dort alles funktioniert oder warum man […]